• Provides infrastructure Consultancy, design and Management services for the entire lifecycle to help Maximise investment
  • Delivers on-site planning, migration and upgrade services for customised, scalable and cost-effective server consolidation
  • Combines consulting and Implementation services for More efficient and manageable Product installations
Infrastructure Services
Our Infrastructure Services combines consulting and implementation services to improve the efficiency and manageability of the Datacenter and Application installations. Our solution takes advantage of adaptive computing technology using current versions of the software and hardware and leverages technology and service capabilities to deliver superior results from existing infrastructures.
Microsoft Services
Highly qualified and experienced Neural consultants can assess the business value and implications of migrating to Latest Operating system platform, and plan and implement In addition, we offer popular Microsoft skills to support the consolidation of Windows servers, or to plan for and implement Microsoft Exchange 2010.
Cloud Services
The Cloud solutions can help companies get their e-business up and running quickly and are ideal for companies that want to focus on content and applications, rather than day-to-day system administration. Our solutions offers infrastructure and management to help improve the availability and performance of the infrastructure.
Improved total cost of ownership (TCO) through lower management costs and higher asset utilization is just one of the key benefits that attract clients to a virtualised infrastructure. When the logical representation of resources is not constrained by physical resources, it results in a less complex environment with greater flexibility and resilience. With a wealth of experience, Neural can help organizations to select the right solution and implement it in a cost-effective manner.
Why Neural?
Neural has the vision, the technical capability and a well versed Technical team. As the infrastructure services market commoditizes, and as pressure increases to reduce costs, Neural continues to meet clients’ demands for innovation, flexibility and optimization.



  • Microsoft Reimagines Windows
  • Presents Windows 8 Developer Preview


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