Migration Services
Today, businesses struggle with the problem of maintaining the investment made in their legacy systems, while (at the same time) attempting to take advantage of the performance and reduced ownership costs of newer systems. Many legacy systems have been customised to meet the specific requirements of their business and are, in many cases, mission-critical systems. The move over to new systems is generally a minefield: a simple configuration missed can put a system or business out of actions for hours, if not days.
Neural will remove the headache for you, through experience, detailed project management, implementing the right resources. Neural has a technical Team with Microsoft certified professionals who are experienced in carrying out Migration services.


The sort of system migrations which we typically undertakes:
• Active Directory (Domain) • Server and Workstation to new hardware
• Exchange • From Physical to Virtual
• Servers to new OS  
Domain Migration
Domain migration is the process of moving data from one domain to another, without losing data or impairing security. In order for data to be usable after it is moved, careful attention must be paid to transferring files in their appropriate formats, using the right file extensions. Most people are running their Active Directory Domains now on Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 R2, and want to upgrade their domain controllers to Windows Server 2008 to benefit from the new features that Windows 2008 AD offers. The correct file permissions and ownerships must be preserved as well. Domain migration is necessary when a server is upgraded and the data on the original server must be transferred to a new system. It also occurs when an administrator selects a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) and needs to transfer data files to the new company. Additionally, it is used by a website administrator to transfer the specific data that constitutes a web page over to a different domain or system.
Mail Migration & Transition
We carry out Mail migration from Lotus, Postmaster, etc. to Exchange server 2010 and Transition from Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010



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