Technologies are mystifying us when it comes to how information technology has been delivered and implemented. New concepts and technologies such as Unified Communication, Server Virtualization, Cloud Computing and the emergence of Social Networking are game changers, and have the potential to modernize the way people and businesses access, exchange and store information

Team Neural focuses on leveraging technology to deliver what really matters: Business Performance and Business Transformation. For almost two decades, we have been exceeding customer expectations and consistently staying ahead of the pyramid in our services delivery. Today, we look forward to partner with our customers like never before, and help them to leverage the power of Information Technology to drive growth and customer satisfaction.

In addition, our services portfolio includes Readiness Assessment, Application Compatibility Testing, Remediation & Mitigation Services, Security & Data Compliance Solutions and Desktop Support & Asset Management Services. You can grow your business through our add-on solutions such as building Remote Access Infrastructures, Improving Search & Information Optimization, Desktop Virtualization and Environmentally Sustainable Computing Solutions.

Why Neural?

Neural has the vision, the technical capability and a well versed Technical team. As the infrastructure services market commodities, and as pressure increases to reduce costs, Neural continues to meet clients’ demands for innovation, flexibility and optimization.

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Office Home & Business 2016

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Office Applications

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Office Home & Student 2016

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Office Applications

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